Flyway manages your database migrations. It uses a database table named schema_version which contains information about the past migrations.

ToPIA provides a Flyway integration as a service, here is how to setup it.


First thing to do when setting up Flyway, is to add the dependency to your project:


Then you have to declare the migration engine by adding the following line to your configuration:


Write your migration scripts

You need to declare your migration scripts in the src/main/resources/db/migration/ folder of your module.

Your migration scripts file names has to respect the following formalism V1_1_0_3__add_required_columns_to_store_user_profile.sql. The name has to be such as:

  • V: mandatory letter at the beginning of the file name;
  • 1_1_0_3: script’s version (aka;
  • __: double underscore (_) as a separator;
  • add_required_columns_to_store_user_profile: description of the migration (using underscores as spaces);
  • .sql: the file extension.

The different scripts are then applied according to the version numbers. More information on Flyway’s website.


Installing Flyway on an existing database

If you start ToPIA in the following context:

  • Flyway was never configured before
  • You just declared the Flyway service and this is the first time ToPIA will boot with Flyway enabled
  • ToPIA will start and the schema already exists

ToPIA will fail to boot for an obvious reason:

  • the schema exists
  • the flyway table does not

So, the schema already exists but Flyway, which was not enabled when the schema was created, can not guess the schema version. Thus, Flyway can’t know which migration already passed, and which remain to run.

To solve that, you must tells Flyway to initialize and provide flyway with the actual version of the existing shema. This version is called baseline version. If you set the baseline version to 3, Flyway will ignore all migration to version 3, including 3 and apply only the remaining ones.



You can learn more by reading Flyway’s documentation about installing Flyway on an existing database.

Ignore model version when choosing migrations to run

By default, Flyway will run every migrations found up to the model version.

If the model version is 3, and there is a migration name V4, the migration will not be run.

It is possible to tell Flyway to apply all available migrations and ignore the model version. To do that, just add the next line: